Proc It!


Proc It! is a companion app for Final Fantasy XI on Android.  It is a reference tool for Weakness Targetting (“Procs”) in Abyssesa and Dynamis.

This app lists the possible weaknesses you can exploit in an easy-to-use format. It includes lists for Red, Blue, and Yellow categories, including times for Blue. Also includes procs for Neo Dynamis! Get a leg up in this popular online game with Proc It! for Android and Windows 8.

Voidwatch:  Align yourself to the monster’s weakness and increase your chance of getting treasure!  Includes a listing of all Magic and JA procs. (WS procs is literally every WS, so I listed the WS that don’t proc). Also includes Periapts needed to view the clues!

The perfect companion to getting your Empyrean or Relic gear in FFXI!

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Get Proc It! on the Windows Store

6-22-2012 – Written in Air instead of App Builder now.  Much better looking! Also, some new icons and new look! Plus Neo Dynamis changes.

7-13-2012 – New Voidwatch Procs!

3-25-2013 — Now on the Windows Store!


Hourglass/Spell/Weapon/Ability icons provided by Colleen F.


Windows 8 App Credits

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