It’s been a while again..

But I guess I’ll make another post.

I’m back to college.  Unfortunately, though, I do not have any photography classes this semester.  I’m going to try to pick up on photographing stuff, I do not want to get in another slump.  I am currently planning a shoot, and will probably happen about next week.

In other news, I have a new website.  Thanks to Smugmug, is up and running.  I’m not sure what level I am going to sign up for, but I’m thinking pro, which is $150/year.  But that works out the same amount as a good hosting site, so it is worth it.  Not to mention it is a lot prettier than Flickr.

Well, that’s it I suppose.

Back in the swing of things

Well, my old site got wiped.

Completely clean.

And all my old backups were way to old to restore to anything worthwhile.  So it’s a clean slate.  And here we are.  Back on this site.  I started Burger-Blog, but the site got wiped a few weeks after I made my initial post.  So that’s going to be on the backburner for a while.