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New host, new theme!

It’s been a while since I have posted. I guess it is time to do that! I’m still in Philadelphia, looking for work, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any photo or video work done.

I’ve converted my email into a Google Apps account to let me manage my calendars and emails more easily. It’ll also mean better meeting invite handling. Also with the Google Apps account comes a new YouTube page for my professional work. As for hosting, I am now with Lithium Hosting. I’ve been recommending them for a while, but I never switched over myself for some reason. But now I am! They transferred everything over very quickly, and was a speedy process. And now when I go to my cPanel I don’t have to have so many SSL errors! Great host.

I’ve also taken a few photos, which are below.


The baseball stadium and the picture to the right are of a new park in Philadelphia. Penn Park is located near 30th and Walnut. It seems okay for sporting events, but doesn’t seem like  the type of place to “hang out”. But it has a good view of the city, which unfortunately is kind of hard to photograph during the day.

The other photos are from the Bryn Mawr campus, which I must say is a really nice campus. As always, you can see these pictures larger and more at my gallery!

Lastly, I’ve been volunteering for some video work, so expect to see more on my YouTube portfolio soon!

Some changes around here!

If you haven’t noticed, I have several new domains:

  • This blog is now
  • My image site,
  • And finally, is my portal site, a short url that links to every aspect of my sites.  I also have a new homepage for to also act as a sort of portal to all my sites, though being the main and minimalistic one.  I’ll also be using as a url shortener, seeing how doesn’t shorten as much as it used to these days.

In other news, I graduated from college with an Associates in Media Communication and Information.  Other than that, nothing else new to report, I still need to work on building my photo and video portfolio.  I’ve also been working on rebuilding my star wars legos:

I also redesigned the front page to, so the front page isn’t so cluttered.

Kit F Photo Blog set up

Today went well.  Though during a group project one of our group members bailed on us.  But we got what we needed to do without him.  We’re making lego sets, joy.  I get to do most of the work, but luckily there’s at least one other person (in our group of four) willing to split the work.

In other news, I finally have my Photo Blog set up.  Check it out!  Gotta love WordPress, making everything easy.

I also got my scholarship money from Academic Decathlon, which they make it a pain in the ass to get.  I ordered a screen calibrator, so my monitors’ colors will match.  So my photography will (hopefully) benefit from that.  I need to get out shooting again.


Oh yeah, I jailbroke and unlocked my iPhone, so if I ever visit my dad in England, I can just buy a new SIM card there so AT&T won’t charge me out the ass, but I did make a new lock screen:



It looks a lot better than the default one.

Back in the swing of things

Well, my old site got wiped.

Completely clean.

And all my old backups were way to old to restore to anything worthwhile.  So it’s a clean slate.  And here we are.  Back on this site.  I started Burger-Blog, but the site got wiped a few weeks after I made my initial post.  So that’s going to be on the backburner for a while.