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Near-field Communication fun!

Been a while again!

I upgraded my phone to an HTC One X, which has NFC (Near Field Communications). This technology allows seamless transfer of data. This means no pairing, no friendlisting. You just touch two phones together, or a phone against a tag or other device and they are instantly connected. This allows for many things to take use of this, such as easy transferring of phone contacts or web pages, to contactless payment, and much more.

Here’s a couple of examples showing how I’ve been using it:

First up, a kitchen timer!
KitchenNFC Timer

I programmed these tags with NFC Task Launcher (Google Play Store). When I tap one of the stickers, my phone sets an alarm for the appropriate time. This isn’t cumulative, but a static timer for each sticker. Comes in handy for those recipes that always tend to stick around 5s and 10s!

The stickers in these are from, SmarTrac Bullseye NTAGs. They are basically passive stickers with 144 bytes of data. Not much, but enough to store commands from NFC Task Manager. I’ve programmed these each with different alarms. The app has a task specifically for “# minutes from now”, so it wasn’t too difficult and can be easily replicated.

My second use I’ve found is demonstrated in this video:

I basically use this in tandem with my Bluetooth headphones. I modded the headphones with NFC (Re: taped an NFC sticker onto it). It also has a “companion” tag to use with it on my desks at home at work. When I tap the tag in the headphones, my phone’s Bluetooth turns on and opens the music app, while also disabling Wi-Fi (to save power on my trip to work). When I get to work, I tap the tag there to turn Wi-Fi back on and disable Bluetooth. Same with my ride home from work in the evening. Very handy and takes just a tap to do it! There isn’t any digging into settings.

I have a final idea, but I will keep mum about it until I find out if the next iPhone includes NFC.

Anyway, that is my fun with NFC! I really don’t think I could go back to a phone without it after this. Android has a few quirks, but this more than makes up for them.

New Job, New Place

Been a while since I updated! I unfortunately haven’t taken many personal photos, but I did have been busy.  I got a full-time job working for Bryn Mawr College in December. I basically do all the photography and video for the communications department. I’ve already done a few video and photo assignments. I’ve taken some pictures of a renovation at the Guild (Pronounced Guyle for some reason?) and made a video showcasing students of a Certificate in Management class, both of which can be seen below. Overall, I think the job makes very good use of my talents in both video and photography.

I also moved into my own place! It’s a studio with a separate kitchen and two closets, one of which is walk-in. Here’s an embeded 360 panorama, doesn’t showcase the whole thing but you get a good idea.


Made a trip to IKEA and got this awesome desk:

Click to see on the IKEA site

It’s really nice. I have it to where the cable hole is on the wrong side of the wall, but it has a nice cable run inside to tuck away the ugly cables. It even fit a power strip inside the run! And it has two really big drawers that are nice for stowing extra USB cables.

The futon I got for free, so I can’t complain.  But I love the new place, great to finally have a place all to my own.

30 Day Photo Wrap-up, and more

Today marks the final day of my 30-Day Photo project. The last day was self-portrait, which I needed a new one of:

I liked this project. It helped me discover again how it was to think out a picture before hand, and go out and make that picture happen, instead of letting that picture come to me.

30 Day Photo Challenge

I suppose I should write a blog post about this. At the start of this week, Colleen roped me into doing a 30-day photo challenge with her. I took this as an excuse to make a page to showcase my personal projects, which can be found at

Day 2 - Rocks

So far, I’ve done Books, rocks (right), “in my bag”, water, and close-up (below). I’ll be revealing the title for the site on the day I upload it. When it’s over, I will upload a gallery on my SmugMug site with larger images. I’ve inserted a couple of pictures from the project, click through to go to the page on my project site.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you are looking for more photos, don’t forget to check out my gallery at Kit F Photo, and contact me if you would like to use them.

Day 5 - Close-Up

New host, new theme!

It’s been a while since I have posted. I guess it is time to do that! I’m still in Philadelphia, looking for work, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any photo or video work done.

I’ve converted my email into a Google Apps account to let me manage my calendars and emails more easily. It’ll also mean better meeting invite handling. Also with the Google Apps account comes a new YouTube page for my professional work. As for hosting, I am now with Lithium Hosting. I’ve been recommending them for a while, but I never switched over myself for some reason. But now I am! They transferred everything over very quickly, and was a speedy process. And now when I go to my cPanel I don’t have to have so many SSL errors! Great host.

I’ve also taken a few photos, which are below.


The baseball stadium and the picture to the right are of a new park in Philadelphia. Penn Park is located near 30th and Walnut. It seems okay for sporting events, but doesn’t seem like  the type of place to “hang out”. But it has a good view of the city, which unfortunately is kind of hard to photograph during the day.

The other photos are from the Bryn Mawr campus, which I must say is a really nice campus. As always, you can see these pictures larger and more at my gallery!

Lastly, I’ve been volunteering for some video work, so expect to see more on my YouTube portfolio soon!

Change of Place

Well I’m finally in Philadelphia! Trip up was rather uneventful. Which is good, I suppose. But Philly has been great! Though it seems the heat has followed me up from Texas.


Took a few photos of the surrounding neighborhood, which can be seen on my gallery site. More after the break.

So I’ve been settling in pretty well. I’ve been parking my car out in the free parking areas of South Philly, which is only a 10 or so minute walk.  In other news, I recently had an interview to intern at Outbreak Creative Group, and it went well. Hoping to start there soon.

I much prefer living in the city with public transport and things within walking distance than life in a small town, having to drive for 10 minutes to get anywhere remotely useful. Also I joined a couple of photography meet-up groups, so I’ll be working on my photography a lot too. I’ll be sure to keep it posted here! I guess that is all.

More Nook News

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’ve mainly just been keeping up in Android Tablet news.  And it’s not pretty.  I’m really glad I went ahead and went with the Nook Color for $250.  The first official Android Honeycomb, the Motorola Xoom is $800.  Not only that, but it requires a month of service from Verizon just to take home.  So that’s $20 at minimum PLUS a $35 activation fee.

The Notion Ink Adam I was entertaining the idea of seems to be a flop.  Sure it’s okay, but from what I see it has a sub-par LCD screen and the software just isn’t that great.

In news about my Nook Color, CyanogenMod 7 nightlies are out. Which means Android Gingerbread.  I’ve installed it onto my internal memory, and it’s fast.  I can now watch Flash videos on my tablet!

More after the break.

CM7 on the Nook Color

Here’s my video I made for a quick preview of what’s in store.  Basically, Gingerbread and a few extra performance options.  The only thing that’s missing pretty much is video acceleration. This prevents apps like YouTube from working.  But that is being worked on constantly.

Another thing that’s being worked on is porting of the 2.6.32 kernel.  This will allow the dormant Bluetooth chip to be activated. Which will finally mean being able to pair a headset and using various VOIP clients like Skype.  Hopefully I’ll also be able to pair my Bluetooth headphones to listen to music!

And that’s pretty much what I’ve been focused on this past couple of months. I’ve also made a couple of boot animations for both the Honeycomb SDK port and CM7.

CM7 Boot Animation

2011 is here already?

So 2010 is already gone. Seemed to go by fast. But 2011 is here now, nothing to change that. Hopefully it will be a productive year for me. I’ve had my nook color for a bit now, and it has been very handy. I’ve got SwiftKey installed and it works really well.

I’ve made a new boot animation again, and I think it looks great. You can see it on my youtube channel. I’m also hoping to make my move to Philadelphia pretty soon.

In other news, I’ve been following CES news pretty closely, and I am very excited for Honeycomb. It looks very slick, and I can’t wait for it to be ported to the Nook color. It looks much more suited for tablets, unlike Apple just putting regular iOS onto the iPad.

That’s pretty much it as far as news goes. I would include relavant links to my boot animation and the Honeycomb video, but I’m actually posting this from the road from my nook tethered to my iPhone using MyWi. I’m almost out of 3G though so I guess this wraps things up.