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Motion Photography

Kind of oxymoronic, yes? I was inspired to do this fromme-toyou on tumblr.


Instead of an instant of time, you capture a moment. Here’s my first shot:

To do this, I basically took a short (20 seconds or so) video, and opened it up in AfterEffects.  I created freeze frames of each state of the lights and alternated the transparency to mimic the original video. I stabilized it by rotating and moving the freeze frames to match best I could, and masked out all the portion of the images that didn’t change. You can still see some unstable bits, but they are relegated to the lights themselves, instead of the entire image.

I’m looking forward to trying more of these types of experiments out!

After Effects

So I got a new hobby! Been practicing video editing and effects in After Effects.  Really got started in it for my last project in school.  I’ve been developing a demo reel and here it is so far:

Kit F Demo Reel from Kit F on Vimeo.

New page for my After Effects info can be found here. So other than that, I haven’t been up to much. I’ve taken a few self portraits.  Those are up over on Kit F Photo, so go check them out!  Links open in new tab, so go ahead and click!