About Defective Watermelons, Inc

This site was wiped in June of 2009, and is still being repaired.

Defective Watermelons, Inc

My name is Kit Farman.  Why Defective Watermelons?  It was an idea I had when I was 12, which like all 12 year old’s ideas, was completely stupid.  It consisted of a watermelon that basically exploded.  Now that’s one hell of a defect, don’t you say?

So I made the fake company “Defective Watermelons, Inc.” and have been using it as my web presence since 2002. I put a lot of work into designing the logos and website, just to feel more professional without actually being real. It’s evolved from a fake company to my main photography site, a burger review site, a personal blog, and a place where I host images.

And now it’s simply a portal, where you’ll find these Defective Watermelons, Inc. products: Kit Farman Photography, and Burger Blog.