New Job, New Place

Been a while since I updated! I unfortunately haven’t taken many personal photos, but I did have been busy.  I got a full-time job working for Bryn Mawr College in December. I basically do all the photography and video for the communications department. I’ve already done a few video and photo assignments. I’ve taken some pictures of a renovation at the Guild (Pronounced Guyle for some reason?) and made a video showcasing students of a Certificate in Management class, both of which can be seen below. Overall, I think the job makes very good use of my talents in both video and photography.

I also moved into my own place! It’s a studio with a separate kitchen and two closets, one of which is walk-in. Here’s an embeded 360 panorama, doesn’t showcase the whole thing but you get a good idea.


Made a trip to IKEA and got this awesome desk:

Click to see on the IKEA site

It’s really nice. I have it to where the cable hole is on the wrong side of the wall, but it has a nice cable run inside to tuck away the ugly cables. It even fit a power strip inside the run! And it has two really big drawers that are nice for stowing extra USB cables.

The futon I got for free, so I can’t complain.  But I love the new place, great to finally have a place all to my own.

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