30 Day Photo Wrap-up, and more

Today marks the final day of my 30-Day Photo project. The last day was self-portrait, which I needed a new one of:

I liked this project. It helped me discover again how it was to think out a picture before hand, and go out and make that picture happen, instead of letting that picture come to me.

In other news, I won a new tablet! It is a Galaxy Tab 8.9. This blazes past my old Nook Color. I’ll have a full writeup on it later. But thanks to Nvidia Tegra and Android and Me for that.

Here is the full list of the photo challenge:

1 Books
 2 Rocks, stones, pebbles
 3 In my bag
 4 Water
 5 Close up
 6 Long exposure
 7 From a high angle
 8 Nature
 9 On the shelf
10 Something I made
11 A cup I drank from today
12 From a low angle
13 Shadows
14 Something orange
15 A device that you own but never use/touch
16 Clouds
17 Architecture
18 Daily routine
19 Texture
20 Silhouette
21 Something Green
22 Hands
23 After Dark
24 Food
25 Reflections
26 Vintage
27 Black and white
28 Motion
29 Something sweet
30 Self portrait

I’ll set up a formal gallery on my site later.

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