30 Day Photo Challenge

I suppose I should write a blog post about this. At the start of this week, Colleen roped me into doing a 30-day photo challenge with her. I took this as an excuse to make a page to showcase my personal projects, which can be found at projects.kitfphoto.com.

Day 2 - Rocks

So far, I’ve done Books, rocks (right), “in my bag”, water, and close-up (below). I’ll be revealing the title for the site on the day I upload it. When it’s over, I will upload a gallery on my SmugMug site with larger images. I’ve inserted a couple of pictures from the project, click through to go to the page on my project site.

I hope you enjoy it! And if you are looking for more photos, don’t forget to check out my gallery at Kit F Photo, and contact me if you would like to use them.

Day 5 - Close-Up

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